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Re: [802.3_NGAUTO] P802.3ch D3.1 proposed responses available - EZ bucket deadline


On Feb 21, 2020, at 6:09 AMPST, NATALIE WIENCKOWSKI <NWIENCKOWSKI@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear NGAUTO participants,
Proposed responses are available for the 12 received comments, 8 on time and 4 late.  These are available in a pdf file and in an Excel file.  Please review these prior to our Interim teleconference call scheduled for February 26.

There is also an EZ bucket.  It is expected that these responses will be accepted as a single motion at the start of comment resolution.  If you would like to pull any of these comments from the EZ bucket, please send an email to the reflector and to me indicating the comment number you would like pulled no later than 12:00 noon ET (9:00 am PT) on February 25 so that we can be properly prepared for the call on the 26th.  It is not necessary to provide a reason for pulling the comment; however, it is helpful if you provide this so the group knows your issue and can consider this prior to the meeting.

Natalie Wienckowski
P802.3ch Chief Editor

REGARDING your comment and response:
Cl 149 SC 149.9.1 P179 L8 # R1-1 Comment Type E 
The editor's note regarding the maintenance task force is no longer needed. P802.3cr has started WG ballot and the text currently in this section does not need any additional changes. SuggestedRemedy Delete Editor's Note: The equivalent text in other clauses of IEEE Std 802.3 is under consideration for revision by the maintenance task force. This clause should be revised to align with the output of that effort. 
PROPOSED ACCEPT IN PRINCIPLE. This comment does not apply to the substantive changes between IEEE P802.3ch/D3.0 and IEEE P802.3ch/D3.1 or the unsatisfied negative comments from the previous ballot. Hence it is not within the scope of the recirculation ballot. However, the change suggested is a non-substantive change that improves the clarity of the draft. Implement the Proposed Change. Comment Status D Response Status W EZ Wienckowski, Natalie General Motors Company Proposed Response Cl 149B SC 149B.3.2 P205

I would assert that "Editor's note's" or "Note's to Editor" are ALWAYS within scope for both comment , modification and updating during the balloting process.
Such items are not part of the substance of the draft and therefore are not subject to any scope limitations of a recirculation.
Also though not relevant here, since they are not part of the draft, they are not valid grounds for a DISAPPROVE ballot.
A DISAPPROVE voter who had such an item as their only comment would have to be treated as a DISAPPROVE without comment.

Best regards,

Geoff Thompson

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