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[802.3_NGAUTO] table 78-4 and send_sleep change

Just to follow up from today’s interim meeting, a number of us have now reviewed the timing for case 1 in Table 78-4 along with the change to delay entry into send_sleep to align with the alert window, and all so far have agreed that Table 78-4 does not need to be changed to accommodate the change we made today for the case when the transition out of EEE comes during transmission of the sleep signal.


There are multiple explanations (because multiple people independently looked at this – a good thing), including that the timing indicated in edem_3ch_01_021920.pdf is not actually nsec, and that the original formulation for case 1 considered that the alert would have to be transmitted in the specified window. (see, e.g., below from Graba_3ch_01a_0719, where case 1 in table 78-4 includes an up to 8 frame delay necessary to align with the alert window, the “WP” (8 frame wake period) included in the case 1 stackup of Sleep, alert, and wake).




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