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[802.3_100G-OPTX] P802.3cu meeting during plenary week cancelled

The P802.3cu scheduled plenary TF meeting for July 20th has been cancelled.  This was noted in last week’s message below but I’m calling it out specifically again so people don’t miss it.


Given the attendance requirements for the virtual 802.3 Plenary as outlined by David Law this morning, attendees are required to participate in 75% of the 8 days of meetings to get credit and I wanted to flag the cancellation P802.3cu so people could plan accordingly.


For more details on the attendance requirements, please see The 802.3 WG opening plenary slides here or the more details of the attendance requirements here.


I’ll be putting some future meetings on our calendar soon.  We may hold an ad hoc to allow an opportunity for people to raise any issues they find during the IEEE-SA Ballot for visibility and consensus building and then we will have a series of interim meetings to start the comment resolution on comments received against D3.0.


Regards,  Mark  


From: "Mark Nowell (mnowell)" <00000b59be7040a9-dmarc-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: Mark Nowell <mnowell@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 9:57 AM
To: 100G OPTX <STDS-802-3-100G-OPTX@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [802.3_100G-OPTX] P802.3cu update: D2.2 recirculation results, comments, next meeting


Dear Colleagues,


As David Law announced below, we completed the P802.3cu D2.2 recirculation ballot successfully.


While we received 21 comments, they were all minor changes - such as Front Matter - and as we didn't have anything more substantive to address, the comments were all withdrawn to be resubmitted during the IEEE-SA D3.0 ballot so we can make the changes then.


All the received comments have been posted regardless in our comments page.  You will note that they are all marked as Withdrawn and therefore they final comment responses are similarly posted too.

Since we have met the conditions in the conditional approval we received during the May 2020 802.3 meeting we are now able to launch the D3.0 IEEE-SA ballot.   The 802 EC approval was received yesterday so I will be announcing the launch of the IEEE-SA ballot soon.


As we have no work to be done during the IEEE plenary week, our 802.3cu TF meeting will not be held.   I expect we will hold an ad hoc during the D3.0 review to allow people to build consensus on any issues they are finding in their D3.0 review.


Regards,  Mark  


On 2020-07-06, 5:05 AM, "Law, David" <dlaw@xxxxxxx> wrote:


    Dear Colleagues,


    The 2nd IEEE 802.3 Working Group recirculation ballot on the amendment IEEE P802.3cu IEEE P802.3cu 100 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s over SMF at 100 Gb/s per Wavelength closed successfully on 30th June 2020. The ballot exceeded the required 75% for consensus to approve the draft.


    A total of 21 comments were received and the comment database will be announced on the IEEE P802.3cu Task Force reflector. Subsequently, all 21 comments were withdrawn. As a result, based on the conditional approval to progress to Standards Association ballot granted at the May 2020 IEEE 802.3 teleconference interim meeting, I will be seeking approval at the Tuesday 7th July 2020 IEEE 802 Executive Committee teleconference interim meeting to progress this project to Standards Association ballot.


    The ballot statistics are:


     177 Voters

     113 Approve

       1 Disapprove

      19 Abstain

     133 Ballots returned


      75% Response Rate (> 50% required)

      14% Abstain Rate (< 30% required)

      99% Approval Rate (>= 75% required)


    Thank you to all that participated in this ballot.


    David Law

    Chair, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group


    Mark Nowell

    Chair, IEEE P802.3cu IEEE P802.3cu 100 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s over SMF at 100 Gb/s per Wavelength Task Force



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