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[802.3_MAINT] IEEE 802.3ax (P802.1AX) D2.1 and IEEE 802.3ay (P802.3) D2.1 sponsor recirculation ballot results

Dear Colleagues,

The sponsor recirculation ballots on IEEE 802.3ax (P802.1AX) Link 
Aggregation draft D2.1 and IEEE 802.3ay (P802.3) Maintenance #9 (Revision) 
draft D2.1 closed with the following results:

IEEE 802.3ax (P802.1AX)

Voters      115
Approve      84 (98%)
Disapprove    1
Abstain       9  (9%)
Returns      94 (81%)

IEEE 802.3ay (P802.3)

Voters      115
Approve      80 (94%)
Disapprove    5
Abstain       9  (9%)
Returns      94 (81%)

The drafts therefore continue to meet their requirements for return rate, 
approval rate, and abstention rate. We received a total of two comments on 
the IEEE 802.3ax draft however the second comment withdrew the first so 
effectively there are no comments. We received a total of 46 comments on 
the IEEE 802.3 draft, the breakdown of these comments are as follows:

IEEE 802.3ay (P802.3)

E (Editorial)            35
T (Technical)             6
TR (Technical required)   4
GR (General required)     1

A preliminary report containing each of these comments can be found at the 
following URL:

The IEEE 802.3ax (IEEE P802.1AX) Link Aggregation Task Force and IEEE 
802.3ay (IEEE P802.3Rev) Maintenance #9 (Revision) Task Force will be 
meeting next week, on Wednesday 19th March starting at 9:00AM, during the 
IEEE 802 plenary, to perform comment resolution on these projects.

Best regards,
  David Law

| David Law                               |
| Vice-Chair IEEE 802.3                   |
| 3Com                                    |
| Phone: +44 131 665 7264                 |
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