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[802.3_MAINT] Invitation to join the "Statistical Eye Ad Hoc"


At the March meeting of P802.3ba it was decided to set up a "Statistical Eye Ad Hoc".  Its purpose is to recommend improvement and clarification to the (optical) transmit eye specification of IEEE Std 802.3 52.9.7, and to make recommendations for any similar measurements in P802.3ba.  It is hoped to reduce the burden in product cost and heat of the present spec, reduce test cost (time), remove ambiguity and improve test reproducibility.   Interoperability and existing networks will not be affected.  See .  An extract from the (unapproved) minutes of the March meeting is below.

I intend to start by collecting a list of those interested and a building a list of what has been done and needs to be done to move this topic forward.

As this is a specialist subject I intend to communicate with those who sign up, not the whole reflector.  So please sign up if you are interested!

Thank you,


Presentation #37
Title - Eye mask statistical significance and practicality
By - Piers Dawe, Avago Technologies
See - dawe_01_0308.pdf
* Definitions of the abbreviations used in the presentation were added at the end of the presentation. The Chair will upload the updated presentation to the website.
* Clarifying questions were asked and answered.

Straw Poll #1: Regarding dawe_01_0308.pdf, the following should be done:
	A. IEEE P802.3ba takes this work on as part of the project.
	B. The work should be done, but not as part of the IEEE P802.3ba project.
	C. Nothing should be done.
	D. Further evaluation is necessary.
	A. 23
	B. 21
	C. 0
	D. 38
Choice D wins. A "Statistical Eye Ad Hoc" will be formed and Chaired by Piers Dawe to further evaluate findings presented in dawe_01_0308.pdf, and come back with a recommendation to the Task Force on how to handle.