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Re: [STDS-802-3-MAINT] [P802.3cq] P802.3cv plan through September meeting

I neglected to put the link to the standard in the announcement below. For convenience, you can download IEEE 802.3bt from Get802 at the URL




Chad Jones

Tech Lead, Cisco Systems

Chair, IEEE P802.3cq Task Force

Principal, NFPA 70 CMP3



From: Chad Jones <cmjones@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 12:16 PM
To: CQ Maint <stds-802-3-maint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [P802.3cq] P802.3cv plan through September meeting


To all 802.3cq participants:


As you may be aware, the 802.3WG approved the formation of a 4PPoE maintenance task force aimed at fixing errors in Clause 145. This new Task Force is P802.3cv.


I want to field comments against Clause 145 so that we have a working agenda for the September meeting series. Comments will be made in the attached spreadsheet. Be sure to change the title of the doc by replacing the ‘YourNameHere’ portion of the filename. We will use the published IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 2: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for Power over Ethernet over 4 pairs that I downloaded as 802.3bt-2018.pdf after publication. I can provide a copy for review purposes if you are unable to obtain a copy via the GET802 program.


Comments will be due August 25 11:59pm. Please email them to Dave Abramson, CCing me. The intention is that they are in Dave’s (and my) inbox the morning of 8/26. We will then follow the typical PoE comment process. We will have the files posted by Aug 30. TFTDs are due Sep 6. We meet (probably) Sep 12-13. This meeting will be a joint CQ/CV meeting.


Let’s discuss the comment spreadsheet. Here are the fields and what is expected in each:


Category – this is Editorial or Techincal. See the last paragraph of this email for more details.


Page – this is the PRINTED PAGE NUMBER on the PDF, which might be different than the PDF page number. For example, Clause 145 starts on printed page 104 which is PDF page 105.


Sub-clause – the entire clause number, e.g. if you are commenting on the ‘Peak operating power exceptions’  section.


Line# - there are no line numbers on the published standard. Therefore, this field will be used to give the approximate quarter of the page where the text being commented against lies. The top quarter is ‘1’, second quarter is ‘2’, third quarter is ‘3’, and bottom quarter is ‘4’. There should be no other entries aside from 1,2,3,4 in this field.


Comment – the comment. Be sure to cut and paste the text at issue. This is required to help the TF and editor understand your issue.


Proposed Change – this is your solution to the problem. Comments with no proposed solution will be rejected.


Must Be Satisfied – leave this field blank. There are no required comments in Task Force review.


Be ready to present to defend your requested changes. This will still be a consensus process and you will need to convince 75% that your change is required.


Lastly, let me talk about the changes. We cannot make changes that introduce new features or break existing COMPLIANT products. Also, this maintenance is not about making text ‘pretty’. A good guideline is to consider how you would categorize your comment. If it is editorial, don’t bother filing it. We should be fixing technical issues and only technical issues.



Chad Jones

Tech Lead, Cisco Systems

Chair, IEEE P802.3cq Task Force

Principal, NFPA 70 CMP3


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