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[STDS-802-3-MAINT] [P802.3cq] revisiting MR1322

All, recall that we considered this comment (attached Maintenance Request) against D1.1. As a result we deprecated 33.5: (NOTE—33.5 has been deprecated. Since May 2019, maintenance changes are no longer being considered for this sub- clause. ).


We thought this solved the problem but a discussion with Marek reveals that it hasn’t. YANG was written against a version of 802.3 that predates the AT amendment (so pre-2009) and contains pointers to things that no longer exist in the Clause 33 state diagram, specifically ERROR_DELAY_OVER and ERROR_DELAY_SHORT. Clause 33 incorrectly calls these non-existent states. The MR was merely helping us identify orphaned references and how to fix them.


Please review the attached MR in light of this explanation. I will file a comment against D3.1 reflecting the MR rationale and suggested revision.



Chad Jones

Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

Chair, IEEE P802.3cq Task Force

Acting Chair, IEEE P802.3cv Task Force

Chair, IEEE SPMD Study Group

Principal, NFPA 70 CMP3


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