IEEE 802.3 November 1998 Plenary Minutes

November 9-12, 1998
Albuquerque, NM


Unconfirmed Minutes, IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD PLENARY, Albuquerque, NM, November 9-12, 1998


Attachment A1
Monday/Tuesday 802.3 Agenda

Attachment A2
802.3 Voting Member List

Attachment A3
802.3 Potential Voter List

Attachment A4
November 1998 Attendance List

Attachment A5
802.3 Standards Status

Attachment A6
802.3 Clause Change Matrix

Attachment A7
Proposed rule change - electronic notice and document distribution

Attachment A8
Call for patents and example response letter

Attachment A9
Thursday 802.3 Agenda

Attachment A10
Proposed rules change - Calls for Interest

Attachment A11
Letter to TIA on multimode fiber

Attachment B1
ATM Forum letter on GMII

Attachment B2
Draft Response to ATM Forum

Attachment B3
Response to ATM Forum

Attachment D1
Proposed 802.5y PAR - Revision and consolidation

Attachment D2
Proposed 802.5z PAR - Link Aggregation

Attachment D3
Proposed 802.5x PAR - VLAN

Attachment D4
Proposed 802.1r PAR and Five Criteria - GPRP

Attachment E1
Tuesday 802.3ab Task Force report (Eisler)

Attachment E2
Thursday 802.3ab Task Force report (Eisler/Mick)

Attachment E3
802.3ab D4.0 Comment Resolutions (Mick)

Attachment E4
802.3ab Schedule for March RevCom

Attachment F1
Tuesday 802.3ad Task Force report (Haddock)

Attachment G1
QOS/FC Progress Report (Amer)

Attachment G2
Proposed QOS/FC Objectives (MacLeod)

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