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Proposed Exec motion to forward 1000BASE-T to REVCOM

Colleagues on the 802 Exec-

The Sponsor Recirculation Ballot for P802.3ab/D6.0 (1000BASE-T) closed on
April 5. The results of that ballot are detailed below.

This is a request for a motion to authorize me to forward P802.3ab/D6.0 to
REVCOM for approval by the IEEE Standards Board at its June meeting. If you
recall there was a quite contentious issue at the March meeting regarding a
request from some members to see a "proof of concept" before 802.3
authorized it to go forward. There was no motion to go forward passed at
the closing plenary of 802.3 in March.

There is currently a 30 day 802.3 Working Group letter ballot which closes
May 10 to approve the placement of 802.3ab on the REVCOM agenda. The
current status of that motion is detailed below. I need that ballot to pass
and a approval motion from the Exec in order to place it on the REVCOM
agenda, thus:
MOTION:	(Thompson/Grow)
That the chair of 802.3 be authorized to place P802.3ab/D6.0 on the June
1999 REVCOM agenda for approval as an IEEE Standard contingent on the
approval of a letter ballot motion from the voters of 802.3 scheduled to
close May 10.

Supporting information

The results of the second Sponsor Recirculation Ballot are:
	60	Number of eligible people in Ballot Group
	44	Affirmative votes
	 2	Negative votes (Frazier, Thaler)
	 1	Abstention vote
	47 	Votes = 78% Returned
		         2% Abstention
	46/48	        95% Affirmative

There were comments from 3 voters during the recirculation
	Thaler  -  Supports Seifert's proposal for "Trial-Use"
	Seifert -  Previous plus minor editorial (to be corrected during prep for
	Booth   -  Minor editorial (to be corrected during prep for pub.)
(The complete comments are attached to this message as d60comments.doc))
With this the Sponsor Balloting process is complete. The draft has met all
of the IEEE requirements for approval, consensus and recirculation. It is
ready to go to REVCOM for approval by the IEEE Standards Board. There was
no meeting held to resolve comments as there were no "new negatives".

There is an 802.3 Working Group letter ballot motion currently being
conducted by e-mail to place P802.3ab/D6.0 on the June REVCOM agenda.

The results to date (cob May 3) of the Working Group letter ballot motion
to forward are:
	75	Affirmative votes
	 1	Negative votes
	 4	Abstention vote
	80 	Votes = 53% Returned
		        <1% Abstention
	75/80	        98% Affirmative

This ballot closes on May 10.
The ballot has achieved the 75 votes returned by 802.3 voters that it needs
to meet the quorum requirement.
If the ballot does not pass then the matter of forwarding the draft will be
on the agenda of the July
meeting of 802.3. P802.3ab would then not be a candidate for approval as an
IEEE Standard until September 1999.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Geoff Thompson


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