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Re: *** SEC Motion to forward 1000BASE-T(IEEE 802.3ab) to REVCOM

I vote affirmative on this motion. --Paul Nikolich 

At 01:25 PM 5/6/99 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Issue Date:   6May1999          Closing Date: 14May1999
>Moved By:     Geoff Thompson
>Seconded By:  Bob Grow
>Move: Authorize forwarding 802.3ab (1000BASE-T) to RevCom for approval at the
>June1999 IEEE-SA Standards Board Meeting contingent on the approval of a
>ballot motion from the voters of 802.3 scheduled to close May 10.
>If you recall there was a quite contentious issue at the March meeting
>regarding a request from some members to see a "proof of concept" before
>authorized it to go forward. There was no motion to go forward passed at the
>closing plenary of 802.3 in March.
>There is currently a 30 day 802.3 Working Group letter ballot which closes
>10 to approve the placement of 802.3ab on the REVCOM agenda. The current
>of that motion is detailed below.
>Supporting information
>The Sponsor Recirculation Ballot for P802.3ab/D6.0 (1000BASE-T) closed on
>5. The results of that ballot were:
>	60	Number of eligible people in Ballot Group
>	44	Affirmative votes
>	 2	Negative votes (Frazier, Thaler)
>	 1	Abstention vote
>   ________
>	47 	Votes = 78% Returned
>		         2% Abstention
>	46/48	        95% Affirmative
>There were comments from 3 voters during the recirculation
>	Thaler  -  Supports Seifert's proposal for "Trial-Use"
>	Seifert -  Previous plus minor editorial (to be corrected during prep for
>	Booth   -  Minor editorial (to be corrected during prep for pub.)
>(The complete comments are attached to this message as d60comments.doc))
>With this the Sponsor Balloting process is complete. The draft has met all of
>the IEEE requirements for approval, consensus and recirculation. It is
ready to
>go to REVCOM for approval by the IEEE Standards Board. There was no meeting
>held to resolve comments as there were no "new negatives".
>There is an 802.3 Working Group letter ballot motion currently being
>by e-mail to place P802.3ab/D6.0 on the June REVCOM agenda.
>The results to date (cob May 3) of the Working Group letter ballot motion to
>forward are:
>	75	Affirmative votes
>	 1	Negative votes
>	 4	Abstention vote
>   ________
>	80 	Votes = 53% Returned
>		        <1% Abstention
>	75/80	        98% Affirmative
>This ballot closes on May 10.
>The ballot has achieved the 75 votes returned by 802.3 voters that it
needs to
>meet the quorum requirement. If the ballot does not pass then the matter of
>forwarding the draft will be
>on the agenda of the July meeting of 802.3. P802.3ab would then not be a
>candidate for approval as an IEEE Standard until September 1999.
>Jim Carlo( Cellular:1-214-693-1776  Voice&FAX
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>Chair, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 Telecom and Info Exchange Between Systems
>Chair, IEEE 802 LAN MAN Standards Committee