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Letter Ballot motion is closed and has been approved


The Letter Ballot motion has closed and been approved.
The Exec motion is approved.
Draft 6.0 has been submitted to REVCOM for approval.

The final results of the Letter Ballot motion are as follows:
105 of 149 voters cast a ballot.

The results to date of the letter ballot motion to forward are:
	 94	Affirmative votes
	  3	Negative votes
	  8	Abstention vote
	105 	Votes = 70.47% Returned
	  8	      = <6% Abstention
	94/97	      = 96.91% Affirmative

The ballot closed at midnight on May 10.
The ballot has exceeded 75 votes returned by 802.3 voters that it needs to
meet the quorum requirement.

Text of the motion:
Moved, that if P802.3ab has met the following criteria that P802.3ab/D6.0
1000BASE-T be placed on the REVCOM agenda for approval at the June 1999
Standards Board meeting as a Full Use IEEE Standard.

The criteria:
  - It maintains its status as APPROVED as established in Sponsor Ballot
	closed Jan 19, 1999.
	(Sufficient APPROVES, ABSTAINS remain below threshold)
	 **THIS CRITERIA WAS MET (44/2/1 OF 60 mailed)**
  - There are no new technical issues which validly arise in recirculations
	during the ballot period of this motion.
  - It has fully met the REVCOM requirements for recirculation.
	 **THIS CRITERIA WAS MET (final recirc closed 4/5/99)**

Moved by: Sailesh Rao
Second:   Shimon Muller
----------------------------------- amended by Rich Seifert:

The submission package will notify REVCOM and the Standards Board that we
(802.3) would like to dedicate this standard to the memory of Valerie
Zalenty, that a notice to that effect be placed in the front of the
published edition and that the dedication be carried over to the next
integrated publication of IEEE 802.3 (Year 2000 doorstop edition).

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