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Agenda information from Dawn

Dawn sent this out earlier today, but it bounced because the attachments
were too long.  I have condensed the MSWORD document into PDF, so
it is pretty short now.  Dawn's text message is included below:


ATTN: IEEE 802 Working Group Chairs & ECSG Chairs
SUBJ: IEEE 802 LAN/MAN July Plenary - Meeting Arrangements

I am working on the agenda for the upcoming July Plenary meeting in 
Montreal, Canada and would like to request your meeting room requirements 
and specifications.  I have attached copies of the draft meeting agenda for 
the Montreal meeting.

Please review and forward your July requirements to:
By : Thursday, May 27, 1999.  If you do not respond by this date, your 
arrangements will default to the same as stated on this draft agenda 

At this time, I have received many tutorial requests.  Please forward all 
tutorial information to confirm that your request as been received and 
approved.  Also, please forward any additional request for any other 
special meetings (ie. Study groups, sub-committee meetings, and so on).

I appreciate your assistance and support.

Thank you.

Dawn C. Slykhouse
IEEE 802 Conference Organizer