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LMSC Electronic Balloting

Bob and Jim,

In my invitation to ballot, I had a coverletter that explicitly stated that
the members of the ballot group could only participate if they had a
working internet access and e-mail. If you had such a statement in your
cover letter, I would see no problem to kick all that do not respond, out
of the group.

Here is the quote I had in my letter made based on Colin's input:

Note:   This ballot will be conducted electronically ONLY. The draft will
be posted on the web in Adobe Acrobat "pdf" format. IEEE Balloting Service
will NOT distribute paper copies of the draft

To participate in this ballot, access to the WWW and a valid e-mail address

The announcements of the ballot will be via e-mail. You will then download
the draft standard from a password protected part of our web site and you
will cast your ballot and submit your comments with fill-in forms on the
web site. Alternatively, you will be able to submit comments via e-mail,
using a template, so we will be able to automate the processing of all

If you want to help us in reviewing our draft standard and submitting your
vote and comments, please submit the attached 
Form to the IEEE. However, joining the group is a pledge from your side to
do the review and submit your ballot; we need to get a 75 % return rate in
order to have a valid ballot.

We need to have your current voice and fax telephone numbers and your
e-mail address to communicate the the announcement and to verify comments
and changes of votes. For many members, the information is in the IEEE
Ballot Service Data Base, but are not shown on the Form. Please always mark
the box for change of address and provide your current voice, fax telephone
numbers and your e-mail address on the backside of the Form.

To validate your e-mail address, we will send you an e-mail when the ballot
group is formed. You must reply to this message to actually finalize your
membership in the group. An out-of-office automatic e-mail reply is