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Result of Teleconference on 802.11 Comment Resolutions, August 2, 1999

Dear Colleagues,

This is the report of the Teleconference on the 802.11 Comment Resolutions
meeting held today. No issues pertaining to 802.11b were discussed, as there
were no new comments, and the forwarding of the IEEE P802.11b D7.0 document
to RevCom will be per the submittal package already at IEEE.

All discussion was centered around 802.11a resolutions. I am pleased to
announce that the new editorial comment raised by Hitoshi Takanashi, has
been withdrawn. Please see attached email confirmation. This only leaves the
outstanding negative vote from Jeff Fisher. Negative comment attached
(9185A7.pdf). We as a group feel that we have endeavored to address this
issue, but cannot resolve, and would like to point out that we have a 98%
affirmative from the 2nd reconfirmation balloting members. Therefore, we
moved to forward IEEE P802.11a D7.0 document to the RevCom committee,
without any changes. This passed unanimously.

Within the, "any other business" section of the agenda, Naftali Chayat
raised the email message Jeff Fisher sent to him, (sent 0650 hrs Pacific
Coast Time, August 2, 1999), and copied to the membership reflector of
802.11. This stated that " As I explained in my e-mail after our telephone
conversation, I would change my no vote to a yes pending your suggested
change in text to "typical values of amplifier backoff are 5-9 dB". The
group felt that it is not an agreed position or submission and that it was
after the official closure of the ballot.  But it was discussed and noted by
the group, but motioned to reject. This issue will obviously be part of the
negative vote discussion within RevCom, who have the deciding factor to
publish or not.

Please also see agenda (9178W7.pdf), and minutes (9187W7.pdf) attached.

This ends my report.



Acting Chair, IEEE P802.11, Standards WG for Wireless Local Area Networks


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Although I submitted the following technical comment to IEEE802.11a_D6.2 
2nd Re-circulation ballot on July 23, 1999 and it was recognized as an 
editorial comment, I intend to withdraw this comment.

In the informative annex there is a potential of misunderstanding which
tables with coded bit listings (G.8, G.9, G.18 and G.21) are related to the
index "k" in the interleaver equations and which are related to the index
"j". In order to reduce the potential for misunderstanding, it is suggested
that the table headings will identify this clearly.

We would like to thank Ulrich Jagdhold, Institute for Semiconductor Physics
Frankfurt (Oder), for pointing this out.


In the tables G.8 and G.18 in the first row of the table, replace all "##"
with  italic "k".

In the tables G.9 and G.21 in the first row of the table, replace all "##"
with italic "j".

This is an editorial change which stresses the relation of the tables'
contents to the equations which the tables illustrate and it does not alter
or attach any new technical meaning.

This withdrawal was accepted in a tele-conference held on August 2, 1999.

Thank you. 
Best regards,
NTT Multimedia Communications Laboratories
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Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA (UTC -7:Day light saving)
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