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IEEE 802.11b met Conditional Approval criteria

Dear Colleagues,

I am back from vacation and would like to confirm the successful 3rd
recirculation ballot of 802.11b.

Thanks to the work of 802.11 Vice-Chair Stuart Kerry, acting as chair while
I was on vacation, the  proposed standard 802.11b is on the agenda of the
September 1999 RevCom meeting. This was already reported by Stuart and is in
concert with the motion passed at the closing July 1999 SEC meeting for
Conditional Approval to forward a draft.

The tally is as follows (old tally in brackets)
Number of people in Ballot Group of 802.11b  : 93 (93)
Number of votes received                                : 86 (86)
Return ratio = 92 %  (required >= 75 %)
Affirmative: 75 (74)
Disapproved with comments  : 5 (6)
Approval ratio = 93 (92) %  (required => 75 %)
Abstain (Lack of Time)        : 2
Abstain (Lack of Expertise) : 4
Abstain (Other)                   : 0
Abstention ratio = 6 (6) %  (required < 30 %)

We received no comment nor negative votes during the 3rd recirculation
The remaining Disapprove comments from prior ballots were not further
supported. (see attachment for the actual remaining comments)

Thanks Stuart, great job!

If you have any question or comment, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Vic Hayes,
Chair, IEEE P802.11, Standards WG for Wireless Local Area Networks
Lucent Technologies Nederland B.V.
Zadelstede 1-10
3431 JZ  Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
voice phone number: +31 30 6097528 (Time Zone UTC+2)
fax phone number: +31 30 609 7556