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RE: Straw Poll for Millenium Medal

Doesn't anyone else think that this seems just a BIT self-congratulatory ???  The SEC ONLY nominates SEC members !!!  What about some of the folks who actually did some of the work ???  I, for one, am embarrassed at such a display of self-aggrandizement.  
Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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From:  Paul Nikolich []
Sent:  Wednesday, August 18, 1999 11:38 AM
Subject:  Straw Poll for Millenium Medal
Dear SEC voting members:  
The four Millenium Medal candidates from IEEE 802 shall be: 
Jim Carlo, Howard Frazier, Don Loughry and Geoff Thompson. 
WIll the four nominees please fill out the applications (below in bold) and send them to Jim Carlo and myself for submission to the Millenium Medal committee. 
Millennium Medal    IEEE-SA Criteria 
Context: At the beginning of the third millennium give recognition to 3000 individuals for their professional achievements worthy of recognition for significant impact leading up to and including the new millennium. 
Millennium medals are to be awarded to those individuals for their outstanding contributions to the profession and to society in general. The medals are to be awarded by Societies, Sections, and major boards of which the IEEE-SA is one such entity. Each major board will recognize outstanding individuals based on outstanding contributions to that board and its major programs and activities. A recipient must be a member of the IEEE but does not have to be a member of the IEEE-SASB or the IEEE-SA BoG. We should identify and recognize individuals whose contributions helped to bring in and support the new millennium. 
Two categories of nominees will be considered: 
1) Nominees recognized for their development of standard(s) having a major impact on industry. This could be for a single standard or a family of standards. 
2) Nominees recognized for their contributions to the development or establishment of management infrastructure having significant impact on industry now or in the next millennium. This could be for a new major infrastructure or for major improvements and evolution of an existing infrastructure.  
		The following information is required to evaluate nominees for a Millennium Medal: 
		1) Name of candidate. A group of individuals might also be considered. 
		2) Category for consideration (i.e., standards development or management infrastructure) 
		3) Identification of the standard or management infrastructure for which the individual should be recognized. 
		4) The role the individual played in generating the standard or infrastructure for which a medal is to be awarded. This should be a brief, clear, and succinct statement no longer than a single paragraph in length. 
		5) A brief statement identifying the nature of the impact expected to flow from the individual's efforts. This should be a clear and succinct statement no longer than a single paragraph in length. 
		This material should be sent to Dennis Bodson, Chairman IEEE-SA ArCom, via email at <>  no later than September 1, 1999.