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RE: Straw Poll for Millenium Medal

You know what a conscientious speller I am ;^).  Blame it on Microsoft.
Spell check seems to accept both spellings though the paper references at my
finger tips only acknowledge the "nn" spelling.  

On a more serious side, I agree that we should up the number of nominations
unless the expectation is for Working Group chairs to handle nominating
people from their groups.


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Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 3:40 PM
To: Rigsbee, Everett O;; Paul Nikolich; THALER,PAT
Subject: RE: Straw Poll for Millenium Medal

Pat,  I know all too well how much work Geoff and Howard have put in on the
802.3 standards.  I was in no way attempting to demean their very
significant contributions.  I'm just suggesting that it is personally
distasteful to me to see the Exec Comm  ONLY  nominating members of the SEC,
as though, you don't count if you're not a member of this secret club.  I
instead view the SEC as necessary(?) set of bureaucrats whose primary
purpose is to provide some administrative assistance to the folks who really
create these standards.  I certainly cannot tolerate the thought that there
is no other (non-SEC) person out there deserving of a Millennium Medal.  I
think we should be awarding at least 10 or 12 medals, and I would be very
comfortable including Howard and Geoff in that group.  We have any number of
outstanding contributors that are NOT ON the SEC (eg. Tony, Mick, Howie J,
etc, etc, etc).  Can't we see our way to "Share the Wealth."  I know we're
wonderful, but I bet we'd get!
 a different answer if we opened it up to "our constituencies."
PS:  If we are going to give out "Millennium" Medals, we had better at least
learn how to spell "millennium."
Thanx,  Buzz
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