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ATM Forum SVCs and PVCs for use by 802

To whom it may benefit,
The 802.14 committee has been working with the ATM Forum to secure a
relationship between their Virtual Connections and our Local Identifiers.  In
their latest Signaling 4.0 they have established a binding between the ATM
Switched Virtual Connections (SVCs) and the Permanent Virtual Connections (PVCs)
for use by other MANs such as 802.14 or ADSL.  Attached is their latest liaison
relating to this and the technical paper to which the details are currently
being balloted by the ATM Forum.

We hope that y'all can also find benefit from this coordination, in particular
802.1 and 802.2.  If such is the case, we recommend that we suggest the ATM
Forum to utilize a more generic "IEEE 802 Identifier" in lieu of the "IEEE
802.14 Identifier.


Robert Russell
Dot 14

cc:   "''" <>
Subject:  Liaison from the ATM Forum

Attached is a zipped file of a liaison from the ATM Forum.  If you have any
questions or problems, please get back to me.

     Rick Townsend
     Chair of the Technical Committee, ATM Forum
     Tel: 732/949-8667
     Fax: 732/949-1196


.ZIP File