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Jim, I am abstaining on SEC Ballots #1 and #2 as this topic is too
far out of my expertise.  I also would like to express my concern 
that regardless of the worthiness of the positions in these letters
their poor grammar reflects poorly on IEEE 802.  For instance, the
last sentence in the excerpt below appears to have incorrect subject
verb agreement: "Two working groups held ... and respectfully submits...."
Also, this is inconsistant anyway because the first sentence says
the letter is from IEEE 802 not the working groups.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Carlo []
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 7:48 AM
To: IEEE802
Cc: Vic Hayes

SEC OFFICIAL EMAIL BALLOT     802.0/28Sept1999

Issue Date:   28Sept1999        Closing Date: 1October1999
Moved By:     Vic Hayes
Seconded By:  Bob Heile

Move: Authorize responding from IEEE 802 to the FCC NPRM (Docket No. 99-231)
with the document 11-99/209-r5 (in principal). This letter has some
opposition from
the proposers of the rules-change.  It was approved by 802.11 by 802.11
EMAIL ballot:
68-Yes, 3-No, 3-Abstain.

This letter  "expresses opposition to the proposed rule changes which would
allow wider channels for Frequency Hopping Spread spectrum (FHSS) systems as
described in the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (the "Notice") in this
proceeding. Since that time, the membership has continued to
analyze the proposed rule changes. Two working groups of the Committee
(802.11 on wireless Local Area Networks and 802.15 on Wireless Personal Area
Networks) held an Interim Meeting in San Rosa CA (13 - 17September 1999)
and, based on additional material submitted, 2 respectfully submits these
additional comments in this proceeding."

Note that this letter adds to information provided in letter approved by the
SEC in July. Also another letter has been voted on (see ballot #2). The two
letters may be combined into a single letter.

Approval is requested for this letter (in principal) to allow for editing by
Vic Hayes, Bob Heile and Jim Carlo based on various comments (including IEEE
staff) being provided. The letter needs to be submitted to the FCC by

If you want to see this proposed letter and appendices, please go to the web