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I vote yes


At 09:47 AM 9/28/99 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>SEC OFFICIAL EMAIL BALLOT     802.0/28Sept1999
>Issue Date:   28Sept1999        Closing Date: 1October1999
>Moved By:     Vic Hayes
>Seconded By:  Bob Heile
>Move: Authorize responding from IEEE 802 to the FCC NPRM (Docket No. 99-231)
>with the document 11-99/209-r5 (in principal). This letter has some
>opposition from
>the proposers of the rules-change.  It was approved by 802.11 by 802.11
>EMAIL ballot:
>68-Yes, 3-No, 3-Abstain.
>This letter  "expresses opposition to the proposed rule changes which would
>allow wider channels for Frequency Hopping Spread spectrum (FHSS) systems as
>described in the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (the "Notice") in this
>proceeding. Since that time, the membership has continued to
>analyze the proposed rule changes. Two working groups of the Committee
>(802.11 on wireless Local Area Networks and 802.15 on Wireless Personal Area
>Networks) held an Interim Meeting in San Rosa CA (13 - 17September 1999)
>and, based on additional material submitted, 2 respectfully submits these
>additional comments in this proceeding."
>Note that this letter adds to information provided in letter approved by the
>SEC in July. Also another letter has been voted on (see ballot #2). The two
>letters may be combined into a single letter.
>Approval is requested for this letter (in principal) to allow for editing by
>Vic Hayes, Bob Heile and Jim Carlo based on various comments (including IEEE
>staff) being provided. The letter needs to be submitted to the FCC by
>If you want to see this proposed letter and appendices, please go to the web