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Re: WPAN/ Re: Extension of Letter Ballot 1Close Date


answers inline.


David Cypher wrote:

> Does anyone know the impact of the announcement
> yesterday of a new version B of the Bluetooth
> specification to the letter ballot process that
> we are in for version A of the Bluetooth specification?

I have the FrameMaker version of the new release, but have not had time to go
through it yet.  I am told that the update deals primarily with editorial
cleanup with some application of the errata that has been published in the web.
I will produce a "diff" of the documents when I get back to the office next

> Was the letter ballot extension made to allow IEEE
> to review version B?

No, but since it will eventually be incorporated into the Draft, reviewing it is
a good idea.  HOWEVER, please return comments on the content of D0.6 ONLY.  That
is the only document we can consider without a vote of the membership of 802.15.

> Will version B now be one of the comments on the IEEE
> letter ballot (i.e. make all changes as per version B)?

 A comment applied to D0.6 such as "Need to replace clauses 6, 7, and the GAP
annex with updated material from V1.0b" seems very reasonable.  :-)

If you wish to comment on the material in V1.0b, please do so in a seperate
file.  We will figure out what to do with it at the next meeting.

> David Cypher
> =============================
> At 05:20 PM 12/3/99 -0500, Bob Heile wrote:
> >Happy Holidays--
> >
> >Given that a lot of time is 'lost' in happy pursuits during the holiday
> >session and to insure alignment with current 802 paper ballot voting rules,
> >I am extending the close of Letter Ballot 1 from December 10, 1999 to
> >Thursday, December 23, at 11pm EST. I have discussed this with Jim Carlo,
> >and he concurs. The earlier close was intended to give our Technical
> >Editor, Tom Siep, as much time as possible to organize and process the
> >comments. For Tom''s sake, please do not wait until the end. Pretend you
> >still have only a week and get it done!!
> >
> >Also, as a reminder to our nearly voting, and aspirant folks, you are also
> >invited to make comments on the draft although you can not vote on it. Most
> >of you received this invitation at the Hawaii meeting and were able to
> >download the draft and ballot material from the flash. For those remaining
> >few of you who want to review and comment and were unable to get a copy in
> >Hawaii, request a copy from me by return email. I'd send it attached to
> >this email, but the total package is about a 1.5meg zip file. Some of you
> >might not appreciate that without some warning.
> >
> >Hope this makes it a little easier to get the job done.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >
> >Bob Heile
> >GTE Technology Organization
> >Chair IEEE 802.15
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This message came from the IEEE P802.15 Mailing List
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