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Re: FW: Proposed Letter to CS SAB and IEEE-SA Standards on Electronic Balloting


As one who frequently is in the situation of being a "reviewers but let
urgent work supercede good intentions." I don't like the current system. 

I would like it to be a seaparated issue in order to get full discussion by
the Exec. I think that casting these folks aside too easily is a bad idea.
It may get ballots to close more easily but that is NOT the goal if we are
losing some of best reviewers by being too stringent about dumping them and
too difficult about letting them back on.

Getting whatever is approved by the Working Group approved is not the goal.
Quality Standards in the larger sense are the goal.

If Jim conducts the voting on an item by item basis I will support items 1,
2 & 3


At 08:26 AM 12/21/99 -0500, wrote:
>Jim, I agree with Geoff that item 4 is not strictly relevant to the
>change-over to electronic balloting.  However, I believe that the
>establishment of guidelines is an excellent time to get this issue on the
>table.  Many people apparantly want to be reviewers but let urgent work
>supercede good intentions.  These are the people that make it painful for
>us to close ballots.  There is no good reason not to include this statement
>in the note.
>Geoff, if you have a reason why this statement is inappropriate in any note
>sent out to potential LMSC balloters, please voice the concern.  I find the
>fact that the note is not strictly focused on electronic balloting only is
>too weak an arguement to remove it.
>Jim, Geoff, I would welcome opening up this discussion to the EXEC and, if
>necessary, having a "line item" vote on it.
>Best regards.
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