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FW: [Fwd: Proposed standard for binary prefixes]

Note below. 

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From: Standards Activities Board [mailto:SAB2000@COMPUTER.ORG] On Behalf
Of Jim Isaak
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2000 10:01 AM
Subject: [Fwd: Proposed standard for binary prefixes]

If you see any serious problems in this standard,
please get back to Bruce diretly ....

The essential issue: is 1k 1024 or 1000?
and similar variations ...

kibi    Ki      kilobinary:  (210)      kilo: (103)                 k
mebi    Mi      megabinary: (210)2      mega: (103)2                M
gibi    Gi      gigabinary: (210)3      giga:  (103)3                 G
tebi    Ti      terabinary: (210)4      tera:  (103)4                  T
pebi    Pi      petabinary: (210)5      peta:  (103)5                  P
exbi    Ei      exabinary: (210)6       exa:  (103)6                   E

-       one kibibit     1 Kib = 210 b = 1024 b
-       one megabyte    1 MB = 106 B = 1,000,000 B
-       one mebibyte    1 MiB = 220 B = 1,048,576 B
-       one megaoctet   1 Mo = 106 o = 1,000,000 o
-       one mebioctet   1 Mio = 220 o = 1,048,576 o

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Subject: Proposed standard for binary prefixes
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 10:39:22 -0500
From: Bruce Barrow <>
Organization: GSA


You will recall that we have been working on proposed standard
for binary multiples.  I have been asked to coordinate with the
Society, and you volunteered to be my contact point.  Please review
attached draft and let me have your comments.  Thanks.

Bruce Barrow
Chair, SCC14