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802.3ad Status, Potential interim mtg conf call 2/14 900A PST

Colleagues of the Exec.

Below is a status report on the progress of P802.3ad.
We expect to submit this before the March 802 meeting for consideration by
REVCOM at the March Board meeting.
We will affirm its submission or (unlikely I hope) pull it from the agenda
by Exec action in March.

Greetings from Down Under, G'day mate.


>From: Steve Haddock <>
>To: "''" <>
>Subject: Potential interim meeting by conference call Feb 14 9:00 am PST
>Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 15:43:48 -0800 
>Hello all,
>You may recall from the schedule for completing the standard that was
>presented in York (Sept), Kauai (Nov), and Dallas (Jan) that we had
>scheduled February 14/15 for an Interim meeting "if necessary" to resolve
>comments from the Sponsor Ballot recirculation.  On each occassion it was
>noted that we expected few comments, if any, to resolve, and therefore the
>meeting would be conducted by conference call.  We may or may not need the
>call depending on the results of the recirculation.
>For any of you who were not in Dallas, the Sponsor Ballot passed with the
>following results:
>Response Ratio:  55/61 = 90%
>Abstention Ratio:  3/55 = 5%
>Approval Ratio:  49/52 = 94%
>136 total comments received (90 Editorial, 43 Technical, 3 Technical
>All comments were resolved at the Dallas meeting and the resolutions are on
>the web site.  The Sponsor Ballot Recirculation is currently in progress and
>will close February 11.  Based on the approval ratio of the initial Sponsor
>Ballot and the relatively modest degree of technical changes resulting from
>the comments, we are not expecting to receive any negative ballots in the
>recirculation.  In the event we do, however, we will need to have the
>conference call on February 14th to resolve comments associated with any
>negative ballots.  
>The call would be at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.  The final decision as
>to whether or not a call will be necessary, and the details of the exact
>time and dial-in number, will be posted to the reflector on February 12th
>(following the close of the recirculation on February 11th).  Unless there
>are new Disapprove ballots or technical changes resulting from comments on
>the recirculation ballot, the final draft will submitted to NesCom by
>February 18th for final approval at the NesCom meeting on March 28th.
>Thank you all very much for your contributions in creating the 802.3ad Link
>Aggregation standard.
>Steve Haddock
>Chair, 802.3ad Link Aggregation Task Force
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