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Letter ballot to disband 802.14

Dear SEC,

As Jim pointed out, technically the disbanding of 802.14 requires a letter
ballot of the SEC.

This letter ballot opens as of today 3/25/2000 4:30PM EST.
It will close as of 5/4/2000 4:30PM EST.

The letter ballot is to deterimine if you approve the disbanding of 802.14.


1) Jim Carlo	
2) Paul Nikolich		App
3) Bob Grow
4) Howard Frazier
5) Tony Jeffree
6) Geoff Thompson
7) Bob Love
8) Stuart Kerry
9) Robert Russell (I think Robert should be included in this vote, even
though he technically is no longer a voter since it is his group that is
being disbanded)
10) Bob Heile
11) Roger Marks
12) Vic Hayes
13) Buzz Rigsbee

Robert, once again I'd like to thank you and your group for the effort in
developing the 802.14 and 802.14a drafts.


--Paul Nikolich