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RE: Meet w/ the Stds Board in 2002


I like the idea very much too. I agree that the sooner would be the better.
But not sooner than that we have the whole group on wireless LAN, of course.

It is a logical decision to have the Standards Board meetings together with
802 because 802 has a tremendous interest through the website. I have jotted
down the number of hits of the top number of accesses of the homepages:
7460	802.3
6896	802
5140	802.11
3752	1363
3090	802.15
3033	802.16
and then a mix of files and subpages from those groups, before any other
group comes in.

I have not added the hits of the shortened name yet. You can see that the
first one coming near to the popularity of 802 groups is 1363, Public Key

I would even say: once a year a collocated meeting should be the goal!

Vic Hayes

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> From: 	Howard Frazier[]
> Sent: 	Thursday, April 06, 2000 23:34
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> Subject: 	Meet w/ the Stds Board in 2002
> Folks,
> When Jim and Geoff and Roger and I were at the IEEE Standards Board
> meeting in Piscataway last week, I raised an idea that I think 
> deserves some discussion amongst the SEC.
> As you may be aware, the standards board meets 4 times a year, usually
> in March, June, September, and December.  The March meeting usually
> takes place one to two weeks after the 802 March Plenary week. Sometimes,
> we have a scheduling conflict between the two meetings, and the standards
> board has been considerate of our needs, especially since we tend to
> schedule our meetings farther in advance.
> The standards board has been trying to "reach out" to the industry
> lately.  We even went so far as to fly all the way to Signapore this
> past January to hold our meeting. That meeting was held in conjunction
> with some big meeting of the IEEE Power Engineering Society.
> Typically, it seems that 3/4 or more of the standards board meetings 
> are held in or near Piscataway, NJ, which is not exactly the center of
> the universe of high tech.
> I think it would be a great idea to invite the Standards Board to hold
> one of their meetings in conjunction with an 802 meeting, and it seems
> like March would be a good month to do this.  Furthermore, I recall
> that we hadn't finalized the location for the March 2002 meeting as of
> the end of our last meeting.
> So, I raised the idea of having the standards board hold its March 2002
> meeting at the same hotel, during the same week, as the March 2002 802
> Plenary meeting.  The standards board typically meets for three days.
> The first day, a couple of small groups (ProCom and PatCom) meet for
> just a couple of hours.  These meetings could take place thursday
> afternoon.  They are not likely to be of broad interest to the 802
> folks.  The more interesting meetings of NesCom and RevCom take most of
> a day, and these could be held on Friday during our plenary week, since
> we ain't doing Friday meetings anymore.  Then the Standards Board could
> hold it's meeting on Saturday.
> Imagine this scenario (concocted by Geoff, who is creative as all get
> out):  Your project has been presubmitted to NesCom (for a PAR) or
> RevCom (for a std), so it's on their agenda.  Your WG approves the
> project on Thursday afternoon.  The SEC approves it Thursday night.
> NesCom or RevCom approves it on Friday, and the Standards Board
> approves it on Saturday.  Talk about expedited processing!
> The other benefit is that this would build a better relationship and 
> better contacts between the Standards Board members and the 802 members,
> and it would also present a great opportunity to meet and interact with
> the IEEE standards department staff.  Believe me when I say that this
> sort of interaction is very valuable.
> I talked to Terry Steenweg (she's the meeting planner, Dawn's opposite
> number), and a couple of other members of the staff, and they were very
> enthusiastic about the idea.  The meeting schedule for the stds board
> isn't very hard to accomodate.  They would need a couple of small rooms
> Thursday, a couple of medium sized rooms Friday, and a medium-large size
> room (a little bigger than what we need for an SEC meeting) for the board
> on Saturday.  Total attendance at these things seems to be ~40 people.
> Naturally, they have a budget for their meetings, so I don't
> think there would be any additional financial cost to 802.
> What do you all think?  We probably need to bring this up at the June,
> 2000
> Standards Board meeting, so I would like to get an idea of how the SEC
> feels before I formally raise the idea with the board.
> Howard Frazier