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Re: +++Press News Byte - 802.15


I would not have a CLUE, nor would I expect any reader to without going and
doing a PAR lookup as to the meaning of:
"To provide a standard for low complexity, low cost, low power consumption
(comparable to the goals of 802.15.1)"

Is the comparison to 802.15.1 only for power or for all 3?
Are the readers REALLY expected to be inherently familiar with goals of
802.15.1 at this level?
Can you pass such a test on complexity cost or power consumption on an
arbitrary 802.3 project?

For the time being and for the above version I will vote no.


At 01:48 AM 4/7/00 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Issue Date: 6April2000 Closing Date: 11April2000
>Moved By: Bob Heile
>Seconded By: Jim Carlo
>Move: Authorize (In Principal after more edits) IEEE News Byte for IEEE
>March 30, 2000, Piscataway, NJ--- IEEE 802.15 WPAN Standards Project on High
>Rate WPANs Approved
>The IEEE-SA Standards Board recently approved a new project request (PAR)
>for wireless personal area networks, designated P802.15.3, Wireless Medium
>Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications for High Rate
>Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN). This new project will be conducted
>within the 802.15 Working Group, as part of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN committee
>(winner of the IEEE Millenium Medal), which is sponsored by the Computer
>Society of the IEEE.
>The project's scope and purpose, approved at the 30 March 2000 Standards
>Board meeting, is as follows:
>Scope of Proposed Project: This project will define the PHY and MAC
>specifications for high data rate wireless connectivity with fixed, portable
>and moving devices within or entering a Personal Operating Space (POS). A
>goal of the WPAN-HR (High Rate) Task Group will be to achieve a level of
>interoperability or coexistence with other 802.15 Task Groups. It is also
>the intent of this project to work toward a level of coexistence with other
>wireless devices in conjunction with Coexistence Task Groups such as
>Purpose of Proposed Project: To provide a standard for low complexity, low
>cost, low power consumption (comparable to the goals of 802.15.1) and
>high data rate wireless connectivity among devices within or entering the
>Personal Operating Space (POS). The data rate will be high enough, 20 Mbps
>or more, to satisfy a set of consumer multimedia industry needs for WPAN
>communications. The project will also address the Quality of Service
>capabilities required to support multimedia data types.
>For more information, please contact Bob Heile, Chair of 802.15 at
>, John Barr, Chair of  theTask Group for P802.15.3 on High
>Rate WPANs at, Jim Allen, Vice Chair of Task Group for P802.3
>at or visit the 802.15 Web site at
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