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RE: Meet w/ the Stds Board in 2002

Actually, I don't have meetings to go to on Thursday with 802 WG's, so I can
still attend what I need at Std Bd. Let's keep after this one. Sorry if I
sounded negative last time round. Good job.

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Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee

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Subject: Re: Meet w/ the Stds Board in 2002


In discussions with Buzz and Theresa, we developed the following
proposal for a meeting schedule:

A) No change to overall 802 Plenary week schedule (no friday closing
B) ProCom, PatCom, AudCom, meet thurs.
C) RevCom, NesCom meet Friday. AdCom meets friday afternoon
D) Standards Forum Friday night
E) Standards Board meets Saturday

With this schedule, submissions to RevCom and NesCom become a thing
of beauty:

1) You pre-submit to RevCom or NesCom as normal, to get the items on
the agenda.
2) Working Groups approve the submission at their thursday meetings
3) The SEC approves thursday night.
4) RevCom or NesCom approves Friday.
5) StB approves Saturday.

In the meantime, WG chairs and editors get to meet with IEEE staff to
work out any bugs or minor issues.  Pretty awesome.

As to the hotel contracts, this might actually make things better, because
we would increase our room pickup on thursday and friday.  Since the
802 demand for meeting space usually peaks on Wednesday and tails off
on Thursday, the additional standards board committee meetings would
be filling up what is otherwise wasted space, and the NesCom/RevCom and
AdCom meetings on Friday would fill up vacate space that we usually
reserve for the closing plenary.

All in all, this seems to be a win-win.

I realize that you are on ProCom for 2000.  Do you plan to be on
ProCom, PatCom or AudCom in 2001 and 2002?  If so, would it be
hard to multiplex between these and the 802 activities on Thursday