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RE: FW: 802all: Proposed Rules Change

Procedure 4 first paragraph was put there to limit the length of the IEEE
SEC meetings (as I understand it they continued to 2am a few times). Thus,
even though we have changed the Monday morning meeting to end at 10:30am,
the current rules allow us to go until noon. For Thursday, the current rules
allow us to go until midnight.

Procedure 4 second paragraph was a safeguard to allow the SEC to continue to
meet on Friday morning if there were specific motions on the table, that
warranted a continuation (this was put there due to the Storm Night that
Geoff mentions below). Since we now are dispensing the Friday meeting, it is
not appropriate that we reserve for this case on Friday. We can take motions
by email, so if we do something bad, it is probably better to not rush to
fix it.

Possibly changing Procedure 4 to read: SEC Meeting Schedules

Two SEC meetings will be held each Plenary Meeting. The initial SEC meeting
shall start at 8:00am on Monday and should end before noon. The final SEC
meeting shall start at 7:00am on Thursday and should end before midnight.

Note use of shall and should in the above to give some flexibility.

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I don't think that is good enough. I don't recall that there is any mandate
that "the weekly agenda" be published. Further, if something became
contentious it might not turn out that "TWA" was the "official" notice.
Dawn updates it constantly so there is no advance notice requirement on it,
etc. etc.

Before "The Dark and Stormy Night" I would not have thought this would be
an issue but the current rule on specific definition of the time slot in
the Operating Rules is in there for good reason.


At 10:41 AM 5/17/00 -0700, Howard Frazier wrote:

>The start time and the end time of the thursday evening meeting are
>published on the weekly agenda which is posted on the bulletin board
>outside the registration office.
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>Please forward as appropriate.
>Howard, et al,
>If the old Thursday evening wording was useful, the new wording now seems
>unclear.  When is "announced time" decided and be whom; is it clear enough
>both for business to be concluded, and for people's travel reservations?
>Regards, Keith
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>Subject: 802all: Proposed Rules Change
>ATTENTION:  All IEEE 802 Attendees !!!
>Dear members of the IEEE 802 LMSC,
>The Executive Committee of the IEEE 802 LMSC is considering a change
>to our operating rules which would eliminate the Friday morning
>closing plenary meeting.  The text of the proposed rule change can
>be found at:
>Howard Frazier
>Recording Secretary IEEE 802 LMSC
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