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Re: FrameMaker training


The 802.16 editors would appreciate a Framemaker tutorial.

I am expecting our WirelessHUMAN Study Group to submit a tutorial 
application form, although I can't guarantee it.


At 12:01 PM -0500 00/05/24, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Would the chairs be interested in a session on FrameMaker training at the
>July meeting? If yes, I would schedule this during a tutorial slot (assuming
>By the way, I haven't heard of any tutorials scheduled for July - yet.
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>From: Greg Kohn []
>Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2000 2:31 PM
>Subject: FrameMaker training
>At the last Standards Board meeting, during lunch, we discussed the
>possibility of myself and Jennifer Longman, a fellow Project Editor,
>conducting a FrameMaker tutorial while at the July 802 meeting in LaJolla.
>Is this still something you would like us to do?  We would still very much
>like to hold one, but I realize planning the time and the space may be
>difficult at this time.  (Quite honestly it slipped my mind until recent
>interactions we've had with the dot-16 tech editors.)  Perhaps if we've
>missed the boat this time, we'll set something more concrete for November.
>Please let me know.
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