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Re: FrameMaker training in July


802.3 will want to send all of its editors from both current projects.
In addition (per our previous commitment) we will be giving a tutorial on 
DTE Power in La Jolla. I would suspect that the DTE Power editor (Mike 
McCormick) and possibly the chair (Steve Carlson) would like to be there so 
it would be wonderful it the class could be scheduled to not conflict with 
out tutorial.

What are the other tutorials at this point?


At 02:08 PM 5/26/00 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:

>There has been positive response here. In particular see Howard's note
>below. I believe you have also met with Roger Marks at his interim. We might
>hold the training in a small room set up classroom style , so editors could
>bring their pc's to the training and upload some information and templates
>that the IEEE wants people to use. My guess right now is we schedule this
>from 6:30 - 9:00pm on Tuesday, 11July, but this not be in the big tutorial
>room but rather in a room with about 25 people, so there would be better
>interactions with the editors. Anone serious in being an editor should bring
>FrameMaker to the meeting on their machine (I assume this is possible).
>Comments? I need a volunteer to own this training from the SEC and
>coordinate a little with editors in the Working Groups (not much work
> From Howard Frazier:
>I don't think that you can give a useful tutorial on
>framemaker in an hour and a half.
>However, it might be possible to use a three hour session
>to explain the editorial process, including a brief
>overview of framemaker.
>We did this in the past, and it was helpful.
>Since we have a bunch of new editors coming on board
>for 802.3ae and 802.3af, as well as in other dots,
>it might be worthwhile to hold such a session.
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>From: Greg Kohn []
>Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2000 2:31 PM
>Subject: FrameMaker training
>At the last Standards Board meeting, during lunch, we discussed the
>possibility of myself and Jennifer Longman, a fellow Project Editor,
>conducting a FrameMaker tutorial while at the July 802 meeting in LaJolla.
>Is this still something you would like us to do?  We would still very much
>like to hold one, but I realize planning the time and the space may be
>difficult at this time.  (Quite honestly it slipped my mind until recent
>interactions we've had with the dot-16 tech editors.)  Perhaps if we've
>missed the boat this time, we'll set something more concrete for November.
>Please let me know.
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