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Re: FrameMaker training in July


I guess that I am the victim (er, volunteer) you are seeking.

Dawn and Buzz, 

Let's allocate the tuesday evening tutorial slots to this topic.
We will need a medium room, enough for 30 people.  LCD projector.
Tutorial Title: IEEE Editorial Process
Speaker: Greg Kohn - IEEE Staff Editor
Sponsor: Howard Frazier
Time:    Tuesday, 7/11, 6:30 to 9:00 pm

WG Chairs,

Please alert your editors.  Tuesday 7/11, 6:30 to 9:00.  
"IEEE Editorial Process."  Bring your laptops, and make sure
they are loaded with Adobe Framemaker version 5.5.

Greg and Susan,

A 2.5 hour tutorial on the IEEE standards editing process is requested.

The audience will be about 25-30 individuals with varying experience
as technical editors of standards documents.  Some will be performing
this role for the first time.

Please plan on covering the following:

1) The overall flow of document editing, from first draft to publication
and maintenance.

2) Recommended tools (we like framemaker, and have made it a point to
encourage editors to use it. Some of the newbies want to cling to MSWORD,
so please extoll the virtues of framemaker)

3) Emphasize the importance of getting the IEEE Staff into the loop early!

4) Templates

5) Document organization

6) Style Guide 

7) SCC10, SCC14

8) Revision Control

9) Editors checklist

9) Framemaker advanced features (change bars, cross references, drawing,
   document comparison, TOC, LOF, LOT, PDF generation).

10) Best practices - top 10 "Do's"

11) Worst practices - top 10 "Don'ts"

12) Anything else your experience tells you is important

Howard Frazier
IEEE 802 LMSC SEC Recording Secretary