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RE: Timing for Electronic ballots

Sorry. I was also thinking about why 4 people did not vote, but assumed it
was because they had seen this issue at the SEC meeting, and felt they were
tired of it. My mistake. I have recorded Howard's vote as NO and anyone who
wants to still vote can do so. Some notes:

1) The issue was discussed at the SEC in gorry detail. There were fairly
specific to-dos in the minutes which I worked with Stuart Kerry to complete.
The letter ballot for PAR approval for 802.11, I told him needed a full 40
days, so we were cutting it close.

2) The ballot went out on late last Friday, with due date on Thursday. I had
planned to send this out earlier in the last week - but screwed up.

3) The ballot was critical because the due date needed to be a few days
before the Standard Board Meeting next week, since this effected NesCom
item, which I would withdraw if the ballot failed.

4) I  normally do not send out reminder notes, unless conflicts arise or the
issue is controversial. This simply adds to email overload which many of you
want to avoid.

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Subject: Timing for Electronic ballots

I believe that Howard makes a good point.  While I would not object to a
short turnaround electronic vote where time is critical, and the late vote
is not due to negligance on the part of the interested parties, I would like
to see a general policy implemented of allowing for at least a two week
period for votes where it is not absolutely critical to have a result
earlier.  Three or four days before the  ballot closes seems like the right
time frame for sending out a reminder that votes are still outstanding.

Howard, can you put the topic of electronic balloting timing on the agenda
for the Monday morning opening SEC meeting?  Thank you.

Best regards,

Robert D. Love
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Subject: Re: PASSED:+++ PAR Approval for 802.11g

> I note that Frazier, Grow, Love and Thompson did not vote on
> this motion.
> This is probably because all four of us were at an interim
> meeting in New Orleans, and we had no idea that this
> ballot was coming.
> I feel that the time for the ballot was far too short.
> Since when do we conduct email ballots that are open
> for only 4 business days from time of mailing to
> close of ballot?
> I object to the this process, and wish to be recorded
> as a no vote.
> Howard Frazier