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RE: Timing for Electronic ballots

Enough said. I'll conduct all future 802 ballots with a minimum of ten days
turn-around. However, there may still be an occasional case where more speed
is needed, in which case I'll drive it quicker - with more follow-up to make
sure that everyone sees the ballot.

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I would have happily voted to approve this motion, had the
email ballot been conducted with a reasonable amount time.
I agree that the issue was thoroughly discussed at 802,
and I think that dot11 did the right thing.

However, I strongly object to having SEC email ballots
conducted with anything less than a 10 day window.
A four working day window is ridiculous.  I think that we
need to have a fixed time window for email ballots, and
not leave the duration of the ballot up to the discretion
of the chair, who may not be aware of our travel schedules.

It appears that this motion would pass even if the four of
us who were left out all voted NO, so dot11 isn't going
to be punished for our problems.