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RE: E-Mail Registration Process

See below

At 01:14 PM 10/6/00 -0700, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:

>Bob,  We always provide the meeting information to Howard Frazier
>(who does the actual posting) in MS Word format.  Howard seems to
>have a major dislike for all things Microsoft, so he always converts
>the document to PDF before posting.  We have asked (more than
>once) that BOTH versions be posted for exactly the reasons which
>you have mentioned, but you can see the result.   Perhaps an SEC
>motion to that effect is in order?   But HTML format is generally a
>problem because of all the differences the type-of-browser-used
>introduces making several of our forms unreadable or unprintable.
>I would think that MS Word & PDF versions would be sufficient.

I would prefer ASCII myself
Then it would just go into the body of a mail message