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Re: IEEE802 Report


I would suggest some revisions to your report:

1) Terms of reference:

I would change "As requested by individual countries, the IEEE series of 
standards..." to "As requested by individual countries, certain LMSC 

It should be noted that our scope now could arguably be construed to go 
beyond the Metropolitan Area Network because of  the WAN PHY of 802.3af.

I would add that the Third Millennium Medal given to LMSC was the only one 
given to a group.

2) Basic Standards Family

Under the Wire Line Standards I would break out things into 2 sub bullets, 
one for still active and another for those that have apparently completed 
their work and are in hibernation.

802.8 has been disbanded, i.e. not active and no approved standard (as 
noted in the highlights).

3) Accomplishments

To complete the structure that you have as:
         2 New Standards Projects Completed in 2000 (Through Oct)
         7 New Projects (Approved new PARs) in 2000 (Through Oct)
         6 Withdrawn Projects in 2000 (Through Oct)
there needs to be a list of the active projects too.

Thanks for maintaining this.


At 10:02 PM 10/13/00 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Computer Society needed a report for IEEE 802 (Year 2000) and I put together
>the following.
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