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Re: Fw: COOKIES, oops no I mean NETWORKING for upcoming IEEE 802 meeting

At 07:50 23/10/00 -0400, RDLove wrote:
>Mike, you bring up a good question - Do you have the right to be on the SEC
>reflector as an SEC sponsored study group.

Bob -

As far as I am aware, as Exec deliberations are supposed to be "open", 
anyone has the right to join the Exec reflector, regardless of their status 
within 802 (or without 802 for that matter), in just the same way that our 
meetings are open to all.  If that is not the case, then (1) I am 
misinformed and (2) this is something that we must fix immediately.

If what you mean is that SG chairs should *automatically be added* to the 
reflector, I would disagree (for the simple reason that some of them might 
well NOT want to subject themselves to the volumes of terribly exciting 
material that we wade through on this reflector); however, they should be 
made aware of the opportunity, should they desire to take it up.