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FW: IEEE CS Type A Liaison to ISO/IEC JTC1

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> From: James W. Moore []
> Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2000 6:00 AM
> To: Steve, Diamond,; Croll, Paul R.; Tripp, Leonard; Pritchard (IEEE TAG
> Admin), Bob; Judy Gorman; Kelly, Anne Marie
> Subject: IEEE CS Type A Liaison to ISO/IEC JTC1
> Steve, Paul, Leonard, Bob, Judy:
> (Please redistribute as appropriate within your respective
> organizations.)
> ISO/IEC JTC1 has approved the Type A Liaison between the IEEE Computer
> Society and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 (Software and Systems Engineering).
> Document JTC 1 N 6341 shows that the status was approved without
> objection.
> The relationship will most directly concern SESC. SESC will have to
> nominate one or more individual(s) to serve as liaison representatives
> at future meetings of SC7 and its working groups. (Of course, SESC will
> also have to determine what are its vital interests so that they may be
> properly represented.)
> Given that SESC's interests will now be directly represented in SC7, the
> question arises as to whether CS should continue to be a member of the
> US TAG to SC7. In the short term, it is our duty to maintain membership
> because the representative of the CS (me) serves as the Chair of the TAG
> through December 2001. After that, we have more freedom.
> We will also need to ask if IEEE should continue to serve as the
> administrator of the TAG. Bob Pritchard has already initiated this
> discussion, so I will not pursue this issue further.
> We need to sort out the question of the reporting relationship with CS.
> I assume that the answer is that the liaison should report to CS SAB. As
> far as I know, though, no formal decision has been made.
> We will also have to sort out the situation with respect to CS sponsors
> who have their own liaison relationship with JTC1 or its
> sub-organizations. For example, I think that LTSC has a type A liaison
> with SC36. There may be other Type A and Type C liaisons of which I am
> unaware.
> Finally, we should ask ourselves about how this affects IEEE-SA efforts
> to be recognized as a global producer of standards.
> As one of the architects of this Type A liaison, I regard myself as the
> point man in trying to deal with these issues -- until such time as the
> formal decision-making processes of CS catch up with this new
> development. I will attend the forthcoming meeting of CS SAB. (Steve,
> please put this on the agenda.) That should be a good opportunity to
> make some decisions.
> Regards, Jim Moore
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