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Sacramento facilities for 802.3 and 802.1

Here is the latest info on Sacramento facilities:

Full facilities are available for the week of May 27 - June 1. All other
weeks in May and June are already booked by other large functions and are
unavailable in Sacramento. 

The Hyatt can commit to meet all the conference facility requirements for
802.3ae (300 people for 3 days with 4 breakout rooms), 802.3af (60 people, 2
days, 1 meeting room), 802.3 EFM (150 people, 2.5 days, 1 meeting room) and
802.1 (30 people, ,2.5 days, 1 meeting room). 802.17 opted for Orlando and
is not included. The Hyatt has additional conference space if it is needed.
Here is a proposed meeting agenda:

Day         802.3af   802.1   802.3EFM   802.3ae   Overnight needs   Hotel
---         -------   -----   --------   -------   ---------------
Sunday:                                            60+30     =  90
150+ (*)
Monday:        x        x                          60+30+150 = 240       400
Tuesday:       x        x         x                30+150+250= 430(^)    400
Wednesday:              x         x         x      150+250   = 400(^)    400
Thursday:                         x         x      250       = 250       400
Friday:                                     x      

(*) The Hyatt will arrange for additional rooms at other hotels if we need
more than 150. They will use smaller but very fine executive hotels nearby.
They will provide free transportation and move people into the Hyatt on
Monday if desired. (Neither we nor the Hyatt are relying on the adjacent
Sheraton Hotel at all. The Sheraton is currently under construction and is
due to be ready for operation three weeks prior to the offered meeting date.
We are uncomfortable with the risk associated with using this new facility.)

(^) I believe there will be overlap between EFM and 'ae attendees, and that
we will not need to accommodate the full sum of both groups.

Intel will be happy to host if desired by 802. We will need a firm reply by
the end of business on Dec. 4 to ensure the reseravation.

-Dawson Kesling