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Re: +++Interim Status:Ballot: Press Release for RPR (802.17)

I vote to approve, with the attached recommended edits.

In addition:

*The release asks people to "visit ". That 
site is currently empty. It should contain something before you tell 
people to check it out.

*I disagree with Buzz's comments about deleting reference to new 
PHYs. That's because the PAR title (which probably ought to be 
mentioned in the release) is "Resilient Packet Ring Access Method & 
Physical Layer Specifications". However, I think it's confusing to 
say, in the first paragraph, "to create a new MAC layer standard for 
Resilient Packet Rings" and then later start talking about PHYs.


>I am responding in the affirmative although I think the statement about
>"developing new PHYs as necessary" should be deleted.  If a new PHY is
>required, a separate PAR will be submitted for approval and should be
>announced at that point in time.  We don't want to give the
>impressions that they have license to create new PHYs without a separate
>justification and approval cycle. Thanx,  Buzz
>Issue Date: 10Nov2000 Closing Date: 6Dec2000
>Moved By: Jim Carlo
>Move: Approve (in principal) the Attached Press Release for 802.17
>The Standards Board is expected to approve the Project for Resilient Packet
>Rings on 7December2000. This notice is intended to be released at this time,
>so I ask your indulgence for a speedy ballot. I will send out a ballot
>updated tally on Friday.
>1) This press release was discussed on the 802.17 reflector. A final tally
>of members of the reflector, after several rewordings was 18-0-0.
>2) Note that I expect IEEE-SA to reword, so this is approved "in principal".