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PASSED: +++Interim Status:Ballot: Press Release for RPR (802.17)

PASSED: 9-0-0 With Thompson and Kerry not voting. I have worked with Mike
Takefman (with some updates from Bob Love to determine resolution on the
editorial comments from Buzz Rigsbee and Roger Marks. Note that IEEE Press
will edit once more. PAR was approved by NesCom today. On Standards Board
agenda for tomorrow.
Howard Frazier - Approve
Bob Grow - Approve
Paul Nikolich - Approve
Buzz Rigsbee - Approve with Comment
Vic Hayes - Approve
Tony Jeffree - Approve
Geoff Thompson -
Bob Love - Approve
Stuart Kerry -
Bob Heile - Approve
Roger Marks - Approve with Comment
Jim Carlo - Chair

I am responding in the affirmative although I think the statement about
"developing new PHYs as necessary" should be deleted.  If a new PHY is
required, a separate PAR will be submitted for approval and should be
announced at that point in time.  We don't want to give the
impressions that they have license to create new PHYs without a separate
justification and approval cycle. Thanx,  Buzz

RESPONSE: I talked to Mike about this. RPRSG sees 4 physical layers as
candidates for
standardization: OC-48 SONET/SDH;OC-192 SONET/SDH; 1Gb/s Ethernet; 10Gb/s
Ethernet. However, no one in his group wanted to put the laundry list in the
press release. I would expect that after they go through their initial
draft, that any PHYs after that would go into an ammendment.

I vote to approve, with the attached recommended edits. In addition: *The
release asks people to "visit ". That site is
currently empty. It should contain something before you tell people to check
it out. *I disagree with Buzz's comments about deleting reference to new
PHYs. That's because the PAR title (which probably ought to be mentioned in
the release) is "Resilient Packet Ring Access Method & Physical Layer
Specifications". However, I think it's confusing to say, in the first
paragraph, "to create a new MAC layer standard for
Resilient Packet Rings" and then later start talking about PHYs. Roger Marks

RESPONSE: I talked to Mike (and a comment from Bob Love) on this, as well as
took into account Bob's later comment. Nearly all the comments were
Issue Date: 10Nov2000 Closing Date: 6Dec2000
Moved By: Jim Carlo
Move: Approve (in principal) the Attached Press Release for 802.17

The Standards Board is expected to approve the Project for Resilient Packet
Rings on 7December2000. This notice is intended to be released at this time,
so I ask your indulgence for a speedy ballot. I will send out a ballot
updated tally on Friday.

1) This press release was discussed on the 802.17 reflector. A final tally
of members of the reflector, after several rewordings was 18-0-0.

2) Note that I expect IEEE-SA to reword, so this is approved "in principal".