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I agree with your reluctance to restrict posting. It is preferable for the
reflector to allow posting by non-SEC 802 participants. Deleting a few
messages until the spam is blocked is a small price to pay.


-----Original Message-----
From: Howard Frazier []
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2000 9:33 AM
Subject: SPAM Fest

Dear SEC reflector members,

As you are aware, we have been subjected to a flurry of SPAM over the
last few days.  I have contacted the IEEE postmaster and the manager of
electronic services to enlist their help. I am hoping that they can
install some filters that will block these obvious SPAMs.  If all else
fails, we can try "restrict_post", so that only members of the
SEC reflector can post to the reflector, but I am very reluctant to take
that step. 

I ask your understanding as we work to resolve this problem.

Howard Frazier
Recording Secretary IEEE 802 LMSC

"Roger B. Marks" wrote:
> Howard,
> I think it's time to adjust the SEC reflector to limit posting to
> members only. The current status, with "any old Yahoo" eligible to
> post, is becoming a problem.
> Roger
> P.S. Can you see about deleting the spam from the reflector? I hate
> to have us continue to support the spammers by maintaining their ads
> for them.