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RE: +++ IEEE 802 BALLOT: Approve $4K Funding for FCC to attend IEEE 802 meeting

I have trouble accepting the value proposition on this.  Where is the value
in a "getting to know you" visit with no other objective?

Does the FCC question our legitimacy as a standards developing organization,
and thus need to be educated/convinced about something?  

I thought a number of the procedural changes we have initiated were
specifically to adapt our proceedures to the requirement of regulatory
bodies like the FCC.  Is there something specific we are trying to lobby
them to change?

I find a plenary meeting as a poor vehicle for selling our "collective
vision" on wireless.  Though my negative attitude on this may be conditioned
because except for co-existence, I haven't seen a collective vision from our
three wireless working groups.  I would need to be convinced that the
collective vision is more than a chimera before voting to financially
support marketing it.

--Bob Grow 

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From: Jim Carlo []
Sent: Sunday, February 11, 2001 3:38 AM
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Subject: +++ IEEE 802 BALLOT: Approve $4K Funding for FCC to attend IEEE
802 meeting

Issue Date: 20Dec2000 Closing Date: 4Jan2000
Moved By: Vic Hayes  Seconded By: Stuart Kerry
Move: Authorize invitation to the FCC for March Plenary Meeting (and if not
then in July), paying travel expenses up to $4K.

I have had a number of discussions with some of you regarding inviting the
FCC to our IEEE 802 meeting so they can better understand the IEEE 802
process and know us better. Note that the FCC person generally will not
answer any technical or legal question. My hope is the FCC could better
understand us and see our collective vision of where the future is heading
in wireless. I was also going to see if the FCC attendee could give us a
tutorial on Tuesday evening on how the FCC process works.

In T1E1, we invite the FCC but T1 must pay for their travel expenses. This
is the same situation if we invite an FCC member to an IEEE 802 meeting.
Note that an individual or company cannot pay for this, because of a
perceived bias. Therefore, in the invitation to the FCC, I will need to
specify that we cover travel expenses, say up to $4K.

From Vic Hayes:
At the last meeting, 802.11 passed the following motion:

To request the SEC members to consider by email ballot, paying for travel
and lodging for a representative of the FCC to attend the March meeting, and
if approved, have the chairman of the
802.11 ad hoc regulatory group request that an FCC representative attend the
March meeting. Vote on the main motion - passes 29:5:2

I just heard that my sponsor wants me to go to the ITU-R Joint
Rapporteursgroup 8A-9B meeting rather than to Hilton Head for the IEEE 802
I found Peter Murray willing to take the leadership.