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RE: FCC Invitation


Agilent's standards of business conduct makes a very clear statement that
the US Procument Integrity Act and related regulations prohibit providing
travel or meals for government employees. Has the "this appears OK with the
FCC" been checked with an FCC lawyer and have you or Vic checked it with one
of your corporate lawyers or an IEEE lawyer? It seems that you are getting
into a questionable area here.


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> Sent: 	Thursday, February 22, 2001 6:52 AM
> To: 	Buzz Rigsbee; Bob Grow; Stuart J. Kerry; Dawn Slykhouse; Bob Heile;
Roger B. Marks
> Cc: 	Vic Hayes
> Subject: 	FCC Invitation
> Importance: 	High
> Vic and I discussed how to invite the FCC person with Patrick Carney, FCC
> legal. There is sentiment that a number of individuals would support the
> travel expenses and this appears OK with the FCC.  However, we need a
> methodology for collecting funds and paying expenses.
> One option is to ask Classic to handle as a separate account. 
> Another option is to set up an 802 reserve for this purpose.
> 1) Brief solicitation of 802.11 for contributions via email. My proposal
> ask for $500 for each contribution.  These would be above and separate
> the normal meeting fee. Note that letter to FCC would include the names of
> the contributors (company name or individual) who donated the $500.
> 2) These contributions would be collected by Classic by credit card or
> 4) Classic would handle payment of airfare, rental car, and hotel room for
the FCC person.
> 5) Classic would add a ??% service fee for doing this.
> 6) Excess money would go to provide for invitation to May interim meeting.
> Can we do this?
> Vic and I would personally guarantee that there is no loss on this
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