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Approve: +++802SEC Ballot: Forward 802.16.2 to Sponsor Ballot

PASS: 9-0-0 (Frazier/Chair did not Vote)
Howard Frazier - 
Bob Grow - Approve
Paul Nikolich - Approve
Buzz Rigsbee - Approve
Vic Hayes - Approve
Tony Jeffree - Approve
Geoff Thompson - Approve
Bob Love - Approve
Stuart Kerry - Approve
Bob Heile - Approve
Roger Marks - Approve
Jim Carlo - Chair

Issue Date: 19Feb2001 Closing Date: 29Feb2001
Moved By: Roger Marks 
MOTION: To forward IEEE Draft 802.16.2/D2-2001 ("Recommended Practice 
for Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems") for 
Sponsor Ballot.

Notes: From Roger Marks
Here is an explanation:

(1) The Working Group Letter Ballot results are clean. 802.16's 
Letter Ballot #2, ("To approve Document IEEE 802.16.2/D1-2000 and 
forward it for Sponsor Ballot") ran from 11-17 to 12-27-2000. The 
results were:

Approve: 69   Disapprove: 4   Approval Ratio: 94.5% [75% required]
Abstain: 10   Members: 134    Return Ratio:   61.9% [50% required]
Comments: 147

Following the 10-day Recirculation Ballot #2a of the resolutions 
developed by the editorial committee, the vote status was:

Approve: 70   Disapprove: 3   Approval Ratio: 95.9% [75% required]
Abstain: 10   Members: 134    Return Ratio:   61.9% [50% required]
Comments: 23

Following comment resolution at 802.16's January interim, all three 
of the negatives voters agreed to vote Approve. Therefore, there were 
no negative comments to include in the following 10-day Recirculation 
Ballot #2b. The recirc referred only to the set of comment 
resolutions, an updated draft (802.16.2/D2-2001), and a marked-up 
draft showing the changes between D2 and D1. Recirc #2b stated the 
motion as follows: "To approve the proposed resolutions (as 
represented in Document IEEE 802.16-01/06) of comments received in 
802.16 Recirculation Ballot #2a, and to forward, for Sponsor Ballot, 
the resulting Draft Standard (IEEE 802.16.2/D2-2001". Only three 
votes were received in this final recirc; these were votes of 
"Approve without comments" received from the three voters who were 
negative following Recirc #2a. Therefore, ballot is declared closed 
and final. The final vote tally is:

Approve: 73   Disapprove: 0   Approval Ratio: 100% [75% required]
Abstain: 10   Members: 134    Return Ratio:  61.9% [50% required]

In summary, the document we want to send for Sponsor Ballot is 
identical to the one that completed Recirc #2a with 100% approval and 
no new comments.

At our January interim, following a presentation of the comment 
resolution results, 802.16 unanimously passed a motion "To initiate 
Sponsor Ballot of IEEE 802.16.2/D1-2000, subject to successful 
completion of final recirculation ballot."

For a full, documented report of the Letter Ballot, see 

(2) We are asking for an email vote because it is essential to our 
schedule. We believe that approval will give us a realistic chance of 
making the June RevCom agenda. Here is the schedule to get us there:

Note that our invitation to participate in the Sponsor Ballot Group 
(IEEE-SA's first-ever electronic one) expires tonight. While the SEC 
approval vote takes place, we will have time to put a Ballot Group 

I'd like to acknowledge the great efforts of our Task Group 2, 
particularly the Chair, Phil Whitehead, and the Editor, Muya Wachira. 
I'd also like to thank Howard Frazier, who helped me through the 
process by explaining the subtle unwritten rules of balloting, and 
Geoff Thompson, who advised me on the creation of an electronic 
balloting tool.

Notice that our schedule indicates SEC approval of this motion by 
March 1. I hope the SEC will be able to meet this deadline.