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Re: REMINDER!!!IEEE 802 Rules Change Ballot--closes March 9 2001

yes to 1
no to 2 (I agree with geoff's and jim's comments)

At 01:43 PM 3/5/01 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:

>SEC,                                                               March 
>5, 2001
>Attached on the following pages you will find the text for two proposed
>LMSC rules changes for SEC letter ballot (as approved at the November 2000
>- The first proposed rules change broadens the rules to permit the use of
>802 funds to support the publication and dissemination of 802 standards.
>- The second proposed rules change resolves ambiguity in 5.1.3 with respect
>to the definition and use of the terms 'members' (have achieved voting
>status) and 'observers' (individuals who are registered attendees at a
>plenary meeting that are NOT members).
>This letter ballot is open from January 10, 2001 to March 9, 2001.
>Please review the changes, submit your comments and cast your ballot.
>Remember, not voting is equivalent to a disapprove vote.
>Results to date are:
>                         Change#1                        Change#2
>                         Publication Funding             Member Definition
>1 Jim Carlo             app                             dis
>2 Paul Nikolich app                             dis
>3 Buzz Rigsbee
>4 Howard Frazier        dnv                             dis
>5 Bob Grow              dnv                             dis
>6 Vic Hayes
>7 Tony Jefferee dnv                             dis
>8 Geoff Thompson        app                             dis
>9 Bob Love              app                             app
>10 Stuart Kerry
>11 Bob Heile
>12 Roger Marks
>13 Mike Takefman (pending SEC voting rights achievement)
>                         app=4                           app=1
>                         dis=0                           dis=6
>                         abs=0                           abs=0
>                         dnv=8                           dnv=5
>--Paul Nikolich
>Documents\Documents\Email_temp_storage\November 2000 rules change ballot

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