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WLPAN/ Networking at P802 Meetings FAQ;

With apologies for the late submission,


The P802 Executive Committee has recognized the importance and benefits of
networking at the plenary meeting. In addition, Internet access will be
provided at meetings when available. 

Q. What do I need to use the network?
A. You will need an 802.11b wireless network card for your laptop. Cards
meeting this standard will work fine. Some wired Ethernet connections will
also be provided.

Q. What if I don't have a card?
A. A very limited amount of cards have been provided by some of the hardware
vendors and individuals for loan. They will be available from the plenary
Helpdesk on a first-come, first-served basis and must be returned before you
leave. For users without wireless cards, wired connections will be provided
on the network for internet access. Not all meeting rooms will have wired
connections available.

Q. What can I do if I am having a problem?
 A. Helpdesk services will be provided by an onsite engineer. Scot Grossman
from NCR will be present for the whole week to assist users with setup and
access issues. He will also be monitoring the wireless and wired networks
for problems.

Q. How do I access the Internet?
A. Internet access will be provided to all users on the wired or wireless
networks via a NAT (Network Address Translator). Secure tunneling to your
corporate networks will be allowed via this network. 

Q. How do I configure my laptop to access the network?
A. Your network adapter must be configured to automatically obtain an IP
address via DHCP. If you need help, contact the Helpdesk engineer for

Q. What about security?
A. While NAT is not the same as a firewall or proxy server it does provide
some measure of security. Computers on the IEEE network generally cannot be
accessed from the Internet and we will use non routable address space inside
our NAT to further prevent access. Data over the wireless network is not
encrypted to make access as easy as possible for attendees. In the future,
more security is being planned for the network as more user configurations
are tested.

Q. What will be available on the network?
A. Each working group will be responsible for their group's file and 
Vic Hayes
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