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RE: RIP FR - Exec 30 day Ballot


Being new to 802, what other documents now contain the information that was
previously only in the FRD?


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Behalf Of Tony Jeffree
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 3:17 PM
Subject: RIP FR - Exec 30 day Ballot

At the Thursday Exec meeting, we approved putting the following motion to a
30-day Exec letter ballot:

"The SEC considers that ongoing maintenance of the 802 Functional
Requirements document is no longer required, given that its useful content
has now been documented elsewhere.  Therefore, the SEC no longer considers
the FRD to be an 802 standing document, and deprecates its use. The FRD is
to be archived on the IEEE 802 website for the next five years, along with
a record of this motion; after that time, the document is to be deleted."

Please consider this ballot to have started as of the date of this message;
the closing date is therefore Saturday 21st April.