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Re: Cost Discussions

Jim, Geoff, 

I hate to sound stupid my first time out, but isn't one person's
cost the previous person's price ? So I cannot talk about optics
module costs, or ASIC costs since I purchase those components at a price.

What rule can I use as chair to determine whether people are 
truely talking about the cost of something?



Geoff Thompson wrote:
> Jim-
> As far as I am concerned, it has been a "Chair's Guideline" ever since it
> was put up by Don Loughry in 1988. I have the original slide and have been
> using it for years when the occasion is appropriate. The only difference is
> that David has transcribed the slide verbatim and posted it on our web site.
> I guess the problem is that even though it has been there all along no one
> else knew/remembered it.
> Geoff
> At 12:34 PM 3/23/01 -0600, Jim Carlo wrote:
> >Steve Carlson referred his task force to a note below. Should we make this a
> >Chair's guideline?
> >
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