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Re: [802SEC] FW: Request of Stds Bd members to Evaluate PatentLetter of Assurance Template

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Here are some comments from Cisco's patent attorney.

>I like it, esp the *. Some comments:
>--In the *, say 'denying or terminating a license based on'
>--The last part seems circular: If the premise is:
>  The Patent Holder owns or controls granted patent(s) and/or pending
>  applications that it believes would be infringed ,
>  then how can they say no to 3(a)??

>  But I do like the idea of identifying the patents if they want license.

Cisco would sign a letter similar to what was distributed 
(with the sorts of changes shown above). I do not know if
other companies will be as open to it, I encourage all SEC members
to bounce it off their attorneys sooner rather than later.